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Love, Dog: The Podcast
Great Conversations About Dogs to Help You Make the Best Choices
In this podcast, hosts Mark Drucker and Drew Webster interview experts, influencers, leaders, and heroes from the canine arena and engage them in conversations that will inform and inspire dog lovers everywhere. The goal of these conversations is to deliver information that helps our listeners make the best choices for their dogs while inspiring them to truly be their dog's best friend!
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Mark Drucker

Human Founder/President
Mark is the founder of lovedog.com. He's accrued over 25 years of executive, marketing/sales, and content creation experience in the print and digital media arenas. Mark has always been a dog and animal lover. He's raised two Golden Retrievers and adopted a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever named Hank in July 2023. He's from New York where he built his career and records this podcast in Boulder, CO where he's lived since October 2022.